I'm so grateful to WRC. I have learned self forgiveness and how to deal with my pain. I can feel a big difference inside and out. I have learned how to cope with situations without using drugs and alcohol. I would recommend WRC to any woman who desires help with their addiction. Thank you WRC!"

— Anonymous

I now know that I can live without drugs, if I continue to use the tools you've given me. I have gained confidence and a better sense of self. I don't have to know everything and do everything for others to accept me and love me. I found some peace here that makes me want to continue on this road of recovery. Thank you, every last one of you at WRC from a heart that was totally broken. It was truly a gift that you gave me."

— Anonymous

I gained self-esteem and confidence in my ability to be productive in society. I know I can offer the world something again. I became aware of the importance on how the disease can affect women and how much we need each other to stay clean. I also gained an inner peace I didn't know I had.

— Anonymous

"It is unbelievable how much different her perspective has changed for the better, how much insight she has gained and how much her health has improved.  With all my heart I am thankful for the program and the help you offer to these women and my mother" 

— Anonymous Daughter

Just wanted to share the good news that I celebrated 18 years clean on November 4th.  I remain grateful to WRC for helping me to save my life.  Please tell everyone that I send love and gratitude to WRC for being there for me when I was at the lowest point in my life.  I appreciate each of you for being a major part of my recovery process, believing in me when a lot of other people did not and giving me the opportunity (s) of a lifetime to be a part of the most awesome team in the world.




— From WRC Alum

Thank you for giving me back my daughter and my best friend - she has such a different outlook on life now!

— Mother of WRC graduate

We want to thank WRC for all the love, work and service you have given our daughters in their recovery that succeeds to this day.  We appreciate the efforts you provide to the women of our community; the opportunity to grow and love and love free again.  Thank you

— Parents of a WRC Alum